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New VDA message 4987 T2 Global Despatch Advice – Implement delivery call-off data – Training

What should you watch out for and what has changed compared to VDA 4913?

VDA 4987 Despatch Advice
New VDA message 4987 T2 Global Despatch Advice – Implement delivery call-off data – Training

23. March 2022 @ 09:00 17:00 CET

Many companies in the automotive industry are currently updating their messages for data exchange regarding delivery call-off data, i.e. they are implementing the revised version 4987 T2 Global Despatch Advice, replacing VDA recommendation 4913. What is new about VDA message 4987 DESADV? What has been changed?

Smooth processes in the supply chain of the automotive industry play an important role for efficient delivery processes and the associated EDI specifications. The EDI message DESADV is used to exchange the electronic data of the shipping notification or the delivery call-off. Many further developments – supply relationships are becoming increasingly international, different supply concepts have led to increased process requirements – made it necessary to redesign the VDA recommendation. In the process of converting to EDIFACT-based messages, not only the revision but also the replacement of the previous VDA Recommendation 4913 by the EDIFACT-based Global Despatch Advice message is now taking place.

Are you interested in the changes and innovations because you will implement VDA 4987 or at least make adjustments to your specification? To support your implementation tasks and to get important information about the application scenarios, the structure and the packaging examples of the VDA message 4987, GEFEG offers the following 1-day training, which is aimed at planners and implementers who are getting started with the planning of this message and / or are interested in the differences to previously used messages.

Topics of the Delivery call-off data with VDA 4987 T2 Global Despatch Advice Training

  • Application scenarios: Transport order, notification, delivery notification
  • Connection between transport, shipment and delivery note
  • Design and structure of the VDA Recommendation 4987 DESADV
  • Changes from VDA 4913 to VDA 4987 – Multi-item delivery notes
  • Key terms for the part level, the packaging level and the message/sending level
  • Packaging examples and illustration of multi-stage packaging
  • More EDI standards for the automotive industry

Any questions about the webinar and/or input on other webinar topics? We are looking forward to your email.

Who should attend?

We recommend the training to suppliers, automotive manufacturers (OEM) and all other parties interested in the VDA recommendation 4987

What should you already know?

Knowledge of the relevant delivery processes in the automotive industry would be helpful.

How much time will the training take?

We recommend that you plan for the whole day.

When will the training take place?

23 March 2022, 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:00

This training will also be held in German.

Storkower Str. 207
Berlin, Berlin 10369 Deutschland
+49 (30) 979914 – 0
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500EUR per participant plus VAT

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