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How to apply code lists in GEFEG.FX software in order to improve my EDI specification – Webinar

Webinar How to apply code lists in GEFEG.FX software in order to improve my EDI specification

31. March 2021 @ 11:00 12:30 CEST

Using code lists in EDI specifications ensures that unique field values are used in the related EDI messages. A code list thus provides an excellent means of specifying values precisely and supporting both the EDI data architect and the implementer with the same vocabulary.

Code lists serve as value inventories from which codes are selected and transmitted in an electronic document. Since code lists are very comprehensive and contain all code values possible in a given context, they improve uniqueness by restricting codes in the GEFEG.FX Guide where possible. For example, the country code in the address field could be limited to “DE” if you operate exclusively within Germany.

Our recommendation: Link your guides in GEFEG.FX to code lists and use a simple selection to determine which codes are eligible for selected fields.

If you ask yourself the following questions …

How do I update an existing code list in GEFEG.FX?

  • For which industry or company-specific codes do I create my own code list?
  • What do I have to do to make a code list multilingual?
  • How do I output a code selection in the documentation of my EDI specification?

… please join our webinar: we will provide you with the answers. And you will learn how to use code lists in XML Schema and EDI guides.

Topics of the webinar Using code lists in EDI Specifications

  • Using and updating code lists in EDI specifications
  • Creating your own code lists in GEFEG.FX
  • Output of code lists in documentation
  • Maintaining code lists

Dieses Webinar findet auch in Deutsch statt.

Any questions about the webinar and/or input on other webinar topics? We are looking forward to your email.

Who should attend?

GEFEG.FX users

Which knowledge should you already have?

Practical experience of the GEFEG.FX software is helpful

How much time will the webinar take?

About 90 minutes

Any questions?
I look forward to your message