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Free webinar: Plan, reuse and apply data models for your business data exchange

Introduction to Data Modeling with GEFEG.FX

Free webinar Data Models for Data Exchange with GEFEG.FX

10. September 2021 @ 13:00 13:50 CEST

Data modelling denotes the analysis and definition of properties and associations of data and IT processes right up to the development of a semantic data model.

Plan, reuse and apply Data Models for Data Exchange with GEFEG.FX

A data model supplies a simplified, abstract and formalised representation of the data required to support business processes. A data model contains data definitions independent of the technical usage of data exchange syntax-neutral, and hence often serves as a source for reliable and long-term definition and management of data.

There are different approaches to planning, implementing and managing data exchange formats. In particular as a result of the growing number of eBusiness standards – not least by XML formats – and the growth of business process modelling the approach becomes more common to map the data of a business document or a process step first in a model and then to use this as the basis for the concrete planning of the data exchange formats.

The advantages of this approach are that it results in higher data quality and ensures maximum consistency and interoperability as well as leading to time and cost savings in the usage cycle of eBusiness standards.

Topics of our webinar Data Models for Data Exchange with GEFEG.FX

We will introduce you how to …

  • Create and develop data models for data exchange with GEFEG.FX
  • Create and document a data model guide to contextualize and incorporate customer/user specific data requirements
  • Create human-readable documentation with templates
  • Import and export different formats to and from a GEFEG.FX data model

Any questions about the webinar and/or input on other webinar topics? We are looking forward to your email.

Who should participate?

Users who plan and apply data exchange on the basis of data models and wish to use the advantages of the functionality of the GEFEG.FX tool for specification and documentation of data exchange models.

What should you already know?

General knowledge of data structures


50 – 60 minutes

Dieses Webinar findet auch auf Deutsch statt.

Storkower Str. 207
Berlin, Berlin 10369 Deutschland
+49 (30) 979914 – 0
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