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Document, test, publish and update easily maintainable ISO 20022 specifications – Training

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ISO 20022 schemas for your financial messages with GEFEG.FX

ISO 20022 Training Course - How to efficiently plan your implementation data
Document, test, publish and update easily maintainable ISO 20022 specifications training

15. June 2022 @ 09:00 17:00 CEST

How can you adopt, implement and validate the ISO 20022 message standard in a time-saving manner? Which software functions support you in developing financial messages easily maintainable? In our training, you will learn how to create ISO 20022 specifications with the GEFEG.FX software – allowing you to focus more on content than on technical implementation.

ISO 20022 in the GEFEG.FX software

In the GEFEG.FX software, all ISO 20022 messages are available to you – and updates are delivered regularly and promptly when new versions are available. To create company-specific messages, many users choose to use the ready-made XML Schema collection instead of the ISO 20022 data model. In this training, we will show you how to adapt ISO 20022 XML schemas to your requirements, for example by extending the schemas and including your own codes or code lists. You will also learn how to create variants for your financial messages without much effort.

You will learn how to use schema guides so that you can maintain your specification in a time-saving way throughout its entire lifespan, in case of necessary adaptations after official updates or in case of changes to your business processes. As soon as you have completely created your ISO 20022 specification, you can generate output in HTML or PDF format at the touch of a button – ready and waiting for the publication of your ISO 20022 messages.

Training topics of “Document, test, publish and update easily maintainable ISO 20022 specifications”

  • The ISO 20022 message standard in GEFEG Distribution – features and overview
  • Adapt ISO 20022 XML Schemas to your own requirements
  • Using XML schema extensions
  • Document and publish work status and finished specifications
  • ISO 20022 Modeling

What do you know afterwards?

After the training course, participants will know how to use ISO 20022 schemas in GEFEG.FX to document financial messages. In addition, participants will be able to use XML schema guides and extend ISO 20022 XML schemas.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for all interested users of financial messages who want to specify, document and publish professionally using the ISO 20022 message standard.

What you should already know?

Participants should already have knowledge of XML Schemas or have attended the XML Schema Basics course.

How much time will the training take?

It is best to plan two full days for the training.

When will the training take place?

14 June 2022, 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:00
15 June 2022, 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:00

1000€ per participant plus VAT

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