Toilet paper – and the global supply chain

Toilet paper, of all things. Have you also repeatedly stood in front of empty shelves in the last few weeks? And at first you asked yourself how to get supplies and when will it be urgent? Perhaps you have also asked yourself why it takes so long to get supplies…

But what do toilet paper, supply chain and international standards have to do with each other?

Take a look for yourself …

The toilet paper supply chain as part of the global supply chain using international standards

Digital business processes, such as ordering, invoicing, or delivery, are necessary to produce and deliver toilet paper and other products and goods. International standards provide content and structure so that systems can communicate with each other and thus ensure a smooth flow of information between companies.

Passion for Standards

At GEFEG almost everything has revolved around the topic of international standards for 30 years, from ASC X12 to UN/EDIFACT, the WCO Data Model to ZUGFeRD 2.1.

GEFEG supplies international standards and thus expert knowledge of business processes with in-house software products. Our customers benefit from GEFEG’s know-how and develop their own message standards and guidelines or gladly make use of GEFEG’s expert knowledge.

Have we sparked your interest?

Please contact us. We support companies in the application of national and international standards, in the development of data structures for buy-ship-pay processes, and in questions of interoperability, collaboration, harmonization, data governance and quality assurance.

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