GIT repository support available soon

Version control with GIT and SVN

Presumably in our May release (2020 Q2) GIT repository support will be available in GEFEG.FX and thus offer enhanced collaboration solutions in GEFEG.FX.

So far, our users have been able to use the integrated support for SVN repositories with the GEFEG.FX software. Due to the feedback from our users and the ever growing popularity of GIT repositories, we have included our customers’ request for integrated GIT support in GEFEG.FX in our development plan.

Your choice: SVN or GIT support

The new functionality allows you to select a version control system according to your requirements. Supporting GIT repositories is thus a further step in tailoring GEFEG.FX software to the requirements of a broad user base.

This functional extension will help users to manage GEFEG.FX objects (B2B standards and guidelines, data models, XML schemas, layouts, etc.) in the Source Control Management (SCM) system securely and easily. Due to the fact that most GEFEG.FX objects are binary data objects or exist in an individual format, it is very important to avoid conflicts between multiple versions of these objects. Therefore, our solution is based on enabling GIT support fully integrated into GEFEG.FX, so that users can use their GIT repository for easy and risk-free management of FX objects.


The user-friendly interface and data security are key factors for the integration of GIT in GEFEG.FX. If you have already used the SVN function in GEFEG.FX, you can use GIT in GEFEG.FX without any training, because these two solutions have a common interface that users are already familiar with. This is a very important factor when migrating from one solution to the other, as users do not have to schedule time to learn the function.

If your company already uses SVN for version control and rights management, this may still be the best solution for your company. With GEFEG.FX, both solutions support workflow selection, partial handover and centralized locking mechanism for the security of your data. With the option to choose between SVN and GIT, GEFEG.FX will soon offer you full flexibility in your decision for a version control system. You decide which solution is best suited for your company to further your collaboration goals.

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